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Grate incineration plant products are the key subprojects, the main role is to incineration of municipal solid waste collection and use of waste heat to generate electricity. The product is green, belongs to biomass and renewable resources recycling areas, in line with the relevant industrial policies of the country.
This series of products have entered the implementation phase of industrialization, with good market prospects. Reasonable and feasible product solutions, larger and have significant economic, social, environmental and industrial drive efficiency, in line with energy conservation, energy, environmental protection and safety requirements.
Waste heat boiler products have 250t/d to the boiler 750t/d , the pressure and temperature is generally in the temperature and pressure (400℃, 4.0MPa). Full account of the construction conditions in different cities to meet the actual needs of urban waste incineration projects of different scale of construction.

Waste incineration of waste heat boiler product series (according to the processing step), unit: t/d


Temperature and pressure levels is commonly temperature in medium voltage (400 ℃, 4.0 MPa), with a 1.5 MW - 25 MW generator set, vertical, horizontal, suspension, the support structure.

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