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C- Series is a single-casing, single-axis extraction condensing turbine and the inlet steam parameter ranges from 2.34Mpa/390oC to 8.89Mpa/535oC which is sorted into 6 kinds such as 3MW,6MW,12MW,15MW,25MW,50MW with total 19 types. The running speed of Extraction Steam Turbine is 3000r/min, which is directly connected to the generator. The steam turbine one-stage regulating extraction. Extraction regulation and electricity load of machine is able to be regulated in accordance with user's requirement, also allowed running under the pure-condensation condition.
The C-series extraction steam turbine are composed of rotor and stationary. Rotor is integrated structure while the stationary parts consist of casing (high and middle pressure), nozzle, diaphragm, gland seal, bearing, etc; the governing valves on high or middle casing are controlled by oil servo-motor via the level.
Generally, our products of extraction condensing turbine adopts electro-hydraulic control system, which is equipped by multifunction safety devices and it can be directly connected to the DCS system.


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