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    Reliable Services Team to Support and Take Care Your Valued Equipment.
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PT. Hangzhou Chinen Turbine Indonesia cares about the important of after-sales services to serve our valued customers. We have reliable services team to support and take care your equipment. Our scope of services include steam turbine, generator and gearbox services and maintenance either minor or major.

We also provide on site and off site training for customer, supervision and installation the equipment. We understand that time is priceless on your business, that is one of the reason why we deliver the most effective and effisien way to obtain the goal. Our team has delivered on schedule several project such as :

  1. Overhaul Steam Turbine HS4117 Capacity 4.5 MW PT. Musim Mas 
  2. Overhaul Steam Turbine HS4324 Capacity 2x6 MW PT. Laju Perdana Indah
  3. Overhaul Steam Turbine Skoda Jinma PT. Laju Perdana Indah
  4. Overhaul Steam Turbine WT3363 Capacity 3 MW PT. Indonesia Ethanol Industry
  5. etc.

Our reliable team is available to supervise the installation of equipment by your team or installation done by PT. Hangzhou Chinen Turbine Indonesia. When your equipment need to change the spare parts, we are able to provide the spare parts in accordance to your steam turbine generator or related equipment.